When was the last time you set aside the responsibilities of life to focus on YOU?

Could you benefit from a peaceful experience of yoga, meditation, connection, and empowerment?

What difference could a weekend of rest and rejuvenation make in your life?


Join Robyn Deusterman, master certified life coach, holistic health coach, yoga/meditation teacher and personal trainer, at The Gratitude Getaway – a weekend retreat designed specifically for women!

Throughout this retreat, you bring your awareness to who you are and who you want to be.  Join us Friday, November 10th through Sunday, November 12th for an experience that’s guaranteed to make a difference in your life.

You deserve this uninterrupted time to refresh, rejuvenate, and relax!

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of an inspiring, empowering community of women.

The Gratitude Getaway Includes:


 ❤ Lodging for two nights and all retreat expenses (except food)

❤ An intimate gathering of women

❤ Heart-opening yoga and meditation

❤ Personal and group coaching discussions with master certified life coach

❤ Self-reflection and personal-discovery exercises

❤ Interactive activities

❤ Free-time to connect with your inner truth

❤ Community of supportive women

❤ Two nights, three days in a beautiful home overlooking the St. Croix River

Retreat Rates:

❤ $450 Retreat + Lodging: A full weekend immersive experience including lodging for two nights and retreat expenses
❤ $250 Retreat ONLY (No Lodging): A full retreat experience, excluding lodging (participate all day and sleep at home)

Payment plans are available.  All purchases are non-refundable.  See FAQ’s for details regarding meals.

$50 discount*

Receive a $50 discount when you register online.

*Enter the code SHARETHELOVE. Limited Time Offer.


Sleeping Spaces:

❤ 1 Queen Bed Room – shared space for 2

❤ 3 King Bed Rooms – shared space for 2 per room

❤ 1 Bunkbed Room – shared space for 4

(2 single beds, 2 full size beds)

Registration Details:

  • Space is limited.
  • Complete the online registration form. You can pay om full or opt into a payment plan.  will receive an online invoice via PayPal. You may pay-in-full or opt into a payment plan.  A minimum of $150 is due upon registration.  If you opt-in to a payment plan, the entire invoice must be paid-in-full by November 10th, 2017.
  • All purchases are non-refundable.


Food will be a shared community experience:

❤ All meals will be made by us – what better way than to bond over food and drinks?!? Each person will sign up to contribute to 2-3 healthy meals throughout the weekend – one appetizer (for either Friday night or Saturday afternoon) and one to two additional meals (Saturday brunch, Saturday dinner, or Sunday brunch.)  Appetizer and brunch ideas are completely open, bring what you like best.  Saturday dinner will include soups, salads, and dessert.
❤ Water, coffee, and tea will be provided.
❤ Each person will be responsible for bringing any special drink they want for themselves or to share with the group.

Where is The Gratitude Getaway being held?

A beautiful home overlooking the St. Croix River.  711 Galahad Rd., North Hudson, WI, 54016.

What is the home like?

Brisa St. Croix features beautiful views of the St. Croix River!  Featuring a gourmet kitchen and multiple living, recreation and outdoor spaces, it’s the perfect for this women’s retreat! Newly remodeled with 4 bedrooms + bunkroom, 4 bathrooms, dining for 14, 3 living/recreation & gathering rooms, a game room & bar, screened gazeebo & hot tub, multiple decks, patios and fire pits.

What is the agenda for the weekend?

We will experience yoga, meditation, coaching discussions, interactive activities, and personal free-time! This will be a peaceful experience to refresh, rejuvenate, and relax.  Further details to come.

When can we arrive at the retreat on Friday, November 10th?

You are welcome to arrive anytime between 5-6pm on Friday.  The retreat will begin at 6pm.

When does the retreat end on Sunday, November 12th?

The retreat will be over at approximately 1pm.  However, you are welcome to stay and relax until 3pm on Sunday.

If I choose to pay the lower price and not lodge in the house, what will my agenda look like?

You will participate in all retreat activities Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday.  The only difference is that you will be going home to sleep and will join us again the following day.

Where while I be sleeping?

All rooms have an aspect of “sharing.”  There is one queen bedroom, three king bedrooms, and one bunkbed room with two single beds and two full-size beds.  The beds in the queen and king rooms will be shared.  The beds in the bunk room are for one person each.  During the registration process, you can request the room you want to be in, but there are no guarantees. Friends who register together will be prioritized to share a room.

Is a payment plan available?

Yes! When you receive your invoice via PayPal, it will default to a minimum payment of $150 which is due upon receipt of the invoice.  You may choose to pay the entire invoice in full.  If you choose to pay the minimum of $150, you will then be responsible for paying the remaining no later than October 15th, 2017.  There are no refunds. 

What should I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing throughout the weekend.  Bring appropriate clothing to be outdoors at a bonfire and clothing appropriate for an outdoor walk.  Wear comfortable clothing during the day. Layers are recommended to accommodate changes in temperatures.  If you choose to swim in the hot tub, don’t forget your swimsuit and towel.

What should I bring?

Water bottle, yoga mat, your designated meals, snacks, any special drinks you want for yourself or to share with the group, your favorite pillow (if you’d like), clothes, swim suit and towel (if you choose to go in the hot tub), essentials for the weekend, personal entertainment for your down-time (books, magazines, journal, movie, crafts, etc.)

What is the plan for food?

All meals will be made by us.  Each person will sign up to contribute to healthy meals throughout the weekend.  Everyone will bring an appetizer of your choosing and will also contribute to one to two additional meals. Meals include: Friday evening heavy appetizers, Saturday brunch, Saturday afternoon appetizers, Saturday dinner, Sunday brunch, Sunday lunch (leftovers only.)  Water, coffee, and tea will be provided.  Everyone will be asked to bring an index card with a copy of your recipe which will be put in a small book for everyone to look at throughout the weekend.

How will I sign-up for my designated meal?

We will use signupgenius.com.   Everyone will sign-up to bring an appetizer which will either be prepared and served on Friday night or Saturday afternoon.  Everyone will also sign-up to contribute to, at minimum, one additional meal – Saturday brunch, Saturday dinner, or Sunday brunch.  Appetizer and brunch ideas are completely open to bring what you like best.  Saturday dinner will consist of soups, salads, and dessert.  We will also enjoy lunch together on Sunday, but we will simply be eating leftovers and no new food will be prepared.  Please bring an index card with a copy of your recipe which will be put in a small book for everyone to look at throughout the weekend.

Who will be cleaning up after each meal?

Allow yourself to relax and let others cook and clean for you when it is not your meal. Don’t worry, we all will have our turn, and you ONLY cook and clean for the meal you signed up for. Otherwise sit back and relax!!!

How long will registration be open?

Registration will remain open until all 12 spots are filled.

Space is limited.