The Gratitude project, so wonderfully articulated in time and energy, by Robyn, was a weekend of “firsts.” Our first mother/daughter bonding weekend as adult women. The first of many deep courageous conversations which helped me to reflect, as a new retired woman, “What are you seeking, Mom?” And, specifically, the first time I’ve thought about my I AM reflection and how I can live a daily reflection of gratitude. ~Deb


The Gratitude Project means so much to me. More than I could’ve ever imagined. In August of 2015 my husband was diagnosed with stage IV neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer. We have 3 young girls who mean the world to us. From August on our life was completely consumed with cancer! Every waking hour cancer was on our minds. We needed a break. A way to regroup and reconnect! That is exactly what the gratitude project did for us. We came exhausted and at the ends of our ropes. As a momma I felt like I was drowning. That Sunday we left the project totally changed! Still to this day we live by the promises we made to one another at the project. This project has opened up lines of communication and got us through some really tough places. Without the tools I gained I would without a doubt be lost and sinking. I am so grateful for this opportunity and wish every mother and daughter could attend. This retreat is completely empowering!  I can NEVER thank Robyn enough for pouring her heart into this project. If you’re on the fence and not quite sure this is for you…I can promise you, you will NOT be disappointed! Think about it, talk about it and pray about…commit to it! You and your girls (mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, grandmas, etc) so need it whatever season you find yourselves in. Hope to see you in May! Much love and grace!” ~ Stephanie



“The Gratitude Project was exceptionally well done.  I felt welcomed, supported and uplifted.  And it was a whole lot of fun!” ~ Krista (mother-in-law)



“Going into The Gratitude Project, I was excited to get away and spend a weekend with my girls.  Little did I know that it would be a weekend of reflection, connection and inspiration.  We had uninterrupted opportunities to share feelings, gratitude and be silly together.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity to grow together as mothers and daughters.” ~Bridget



“The Gratitude project gave my daughter and me the opportunity to really dial in and appreciate each other.  We continue to use the phrase ‘You are in your I,’ which quickly reminds me to set aside whatever it is I am doing and give her 100% of my attention.  Life is fast paced, we both now take the time to stop if only for a few minutes, be grateful and tell each other ‘I love you.’” ~ Lora and Macy



“The Gratitude project weekend was so much fun for my daughter and me.  Just spending time together with no distractions was so needed in our relationship. On top of that, the structure of the event kept us moving and learning so much valuable lessons in life. The main thing we took away from the weekend was being in the moment. Just to listen to each other with undivided attention and knowing that we are there for each other. We were goofy together and had so many laughs. We wished it would have lasted longer- it was way too short! :)” ~ Elaine and Salena



I’m so thankful I have found the Gratitude Project!  The importance of mother/daughter relationship is something that is not easily found!  This retreat allows for uninterrupted quality time that will be forever cherished….not only does it allow for fun to be had, but so many great things to learn and ideas to be had by like-minded mothers looking for the same thing…like having a mindful approach to raising your daughter…..I learned tools to keep me present and to make sure that my daughter FELT &KNEW she was loved. ~ Denay



It’s hard to put what the Gratitude Project means to me into words because it was so amazing….my biggest take away was seeing myself through my daughter’s eyes …to see how she sees me and to feel her unconditional love is beyond words and I will be forever thankful for this special weekend to just be mother and daughter and to not be interrupted or distracted by anything. I learned so much about myself, my daughter and the type of relationship I want us to always have…thank you Robyn for creating this special weekend!!! ~ Stephani



I Enjoyed Most The Time I Was Able To Devote To Just My Girls W Out Interruptions, & In A Positive Healthy Environment W Liked Minded Women 🙂  I Also Njoyed The Fabulous Speakers, & Exercises We Had Done W Our Daughters.  The Event Meant SO MUCH To Me!! As I Have A Strained Relationship W My Girls, Due To Some Other Family Members Influence..So To Have My Girls In A Uplifting Positive Setting Was Refreshing & UpLifting 🙂  The Part Of The Retreat That Had The Most Affect On Me, & Was Powerful Was To Have A Conversation Recorded On How My Daughters See Me, In Comparison To How I View MySelf.  VERY Moving, To See Thru Their Eyes.  And That I May Not Always Hear It, But They Are Why I Strive To Be A Better Mom.  Each & Every Day!! 🙂  And I’ll Close Now W This, I’d Suggest This Retreat To ANY Mother Daughter, As It’s A Wonderful Opportunity To Reconnect & Build Those Great Blocks For A Lifetime Of Luv & Respect.  Much Luv. ~ Jen



“This was an amazing weekend for everyone involved. It was so much fun for me to see my daughter in action. She has grown and become so powerful, and to have the ability to share her life experiences with others to help them see that if they want change in their lives, they want closer connections to those they love, there is a way to accomplish that. So proud of this daughter of ours.”

~ Signed a loving and proud Mom



“The Gratitude Weekend was such a special weekend, as I got to spend it with not only my daughter but my mom as well.  We were able to spend a girl’s weekend enhancing our love for each other while participating in heart driven activities that focused on our life’s purpose.  My daughter left feeling really special having had time with mom and grandma alone!  We look forward to this event every year!  Thank you, Robyn! Best of luck Robyn! You’re awesome <3” ~ Michelle



“The gratitude weekend was a game-changer for me and my daughter. My daughter is 7 and has two little brothers, ages 4 and 1. She has been feeling a little left out recently, particularly as our sons require so much more ‘help’ than she does. The gratitude weekend was a lovely opportunity to reconnect. We loved having that time to ourselves – Girl Time as it’s now known! – and focusing on all that we have, and should be grateful for, was just what we needed. Robyn did a wonderful job and all of the sessions worked beautifully.”

~ Sonia