Live a Life you Love

Live A Life You Love – A Yoga Workshop

Do you desire to live a life you love and make yourself a priority? Join Robyn Deusterman, holistic health coach, life coach, yoga/meditation teacher and personal trainer, as we collectively bring our awareness to who we are today and who we want to be.

Gratitude & Possibilities

A 6 weeks online coaching program.

Be you and fall madly in love with your life. That’s our goal. This is a six week online transformational life coaching program just for you!

Think about this…

How much do you wish you could be fully present and grateful for the joy and happiness in your life?


The Gratitude Project

Life is a series of snapshots, moments and memories that flash by in the blink of an eye. Often we are too busy moving through our lives that we forget to truly pay attention to those who matter most. When was the last time you offered a compliment to your daughter or gave her your undivided attention? If you could step into your daughter’s shoes what do you think her perception of you would be?